Why I QUIT from university and seek for studying abroad?

Yes, I QUITTED (Actually it is a PAUSE but do you guys expect me to continue it? ) from my UNIVERSITY, Dalian Maritime University. But, why? Why I just gave up the most valued thing for the normal Chinese senior high school students, the thing they have fought for (at least) 12 years,  making myself become the unordinary one, choose the way of learning TOEFL and then studying abroad?


I was warned by my best friend ever (@ParvulusCa) that on the university in China the teachers just show their PowerPoint and read the lines on the screen (just like the students have troubles in reading the line.). But as many CHINA UNIVERSITY STUDENTS try to prove that wrong, I just thought it is an exaggeration express. I just thought it would help for me to listen to the teachers.

Chapter I

But after I entered the university, I found it true that the teachers are just a speaker of their PowerPoint. All the things they do it read the line. Holy textbooks.(Yes it is Holy shit in fact before but the textbooks of mine are just like shit. It can teach me nothing if there is no PowerPoint for assistance.) And yet, I faced so many difficulties. I like studying in an entirely quiet place as it is more efficient and it is only available at night. So as you have guessed, I cannot sleep enough. Insufficient sleep for long leads to the damage to the nerve system, I get easy to become angry and just cannot concentrate. The morning class for me is definitely a torment, I can neither concentrate on my class or just sleep in my dorm, as Dalian Maritime University is a strictly managed university (They are applying their schedule with their thoughts, values to all of the students. And they will cut off the power supply after 23:00, I can only use my alternative power supply after that.).

Chapter II

As a Half-Military managed school, this is an absolutely Red School. You know, politically red. Although the theme color of the campus is blue just like the sea. If you dare point out any bad of the country, (Communism) Party or the campus, you will be regarded as a freak immediately. This phenomenon is not likely to appear on a university campus: back to the 19th Century China, the young students are eager to discuss politicals and willing to give out their views upon the current focus. By the way, the strict schedule is not flexible anymore, it is impossible for you to make any adjustment to make it an adaptable one. Pity.

Chapter III

Most of the guys are just Okay, while some of them are very disgusting. If you have been an undergraduate in China, you will hate the Grade&Class system in Chinese universities just like me. And if you never been, you may be surprised at that Chinese universities have a so called Grade and Class, which means your course table is limited by some ways. You cannot customize your route of taking the courses. LOL.


But I find all the dissatisfaction was build based on the comparison between mine campus life with the others who is studying abroad.

And there are used to be pink-guys asking me that “Why are you still living in this country if you are so pissed off about these things?”

JA. It really doesn’t make any sense!



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