Just got back

Whoop. Finished my applications and now all I can do is waiting and praying. LMAO.

Actually, I am not a high-GPA guy. I hate the education system in China, which is exam-oriented, dull and uninteresting. In this system, the high scores go to those who study for tests rather than those who study for knowledge, like me… That’s a pity. I have heard that many students transferred from China to the U.S colleges think it is different between earning GPA in the US and earning GPA in China. In the US you need just work hard on that course and think more, but in China heh, heh, heh.

I hope that’s true. My GPA in High School and in University is totally different from each other. In High School, I am kinda study-master (lol) as I spent little time but get high scores. In college, I spent so much time but earned a JUNK GPA which is lower than 3.0 with a 4.0 scale. I don’t think they have taught me anything and I got to learn everything by myself. Dude!


But anyway, I am back! Will update more for you guys!

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