What did I get after QUITTING from university and seeking for studying abroad?

Since the last article, it has been more than one year.

For your consideration… This one.

Due to multiple reasons, for good, I finally chose the way of studying abroad, but in a hard way. If you don’t know my past well, lemme tell ya: 

My education background before my sophomore year cannot be more insipid — I finished my basic education, including high school, in Shandong, China. And all my schools are just normal public schools.
Just like all of my friends, I used to have the idea of going abroad during my high school, but with no one in my family supports me, I eventually gave up.

With an acceptable(well, it just for me, not for yall) outcome in 
The National College Entrance Examination, I was admitted to a university in Project-211. (Well, I haven’t seen why its admitting score is even higher than some Univs in Project-985 yet) But that’s not important. The thing is, I found I don’t like it, and if I let it go, I will waste my 4-year and learn nothing. 

I never wanted to be another tragedy, so I began to fight for myself. At last, I found a way, the hard way. Generally speaking, the International Transfer is not recommended. As there’re inevitable conflicts in the education systems varies from countries, most of the earned credit hours would not be considered. Take me as an example, I finished more than 40 credit hours in my former school, but finally, I got 15 hours transferred and from which, only no more than 8 is helpful to get my degree. And without the weighing or curving mechanism, even a formidable performance in China would be considered as an average one.

So as expected I get admitted to a Just-so-so university after many polite rejections. 

You may now gloat over me, but the story is not over.  
After I made it to the US alone, without any family, friend or even schoolmate, the first thing scared me is the unstoppable cultural shock. (Btw it’s a unique experience that when you are alone, you are actually stronger than you imagined.) Everything is different. To be honest, I am not that ‘prepared’.

Then the class started. Unlike those ‘experience tellers’ who can understand nothing they hear in the first several months, I didn’t feel anything uncomfortable with the instructor’s speech. I can understand well, and even more clearly than in Mandarin(Chinese Putonghua). I’m not joking, I still insist that Math/Science should be learned in English rather than in any translated version.

The most difference between US and China is the relationship between ‘group’ and ‘individual’. Here people consider more for personal feeling of each other, instead of emphasizing ‘act as one’ or ‘love the group’. It makes you feel better in a strange surrounding — You feel respected. You feel safe.

And the class here is also surprisingly comprehensive. In China, the focus of a course is ‘use the method solve the given question’. While in the US, the understanding of its reasoning and actual application weighs more. In 2 months I have already done a research project – though tiny, but complete in every aspect of ‘doing research’. The US class seems ‘less effective’ than the one in China, but actually, it teaches you not only WHAT but also HOW and WHY. That’s what you need after graduation.

It is worthy.

Gaukas Wang


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  1. Richard Chou says:

    I agreed with you. So I’m going to apply for an international high school in order to study Math and Science in English.

    • Gaukas Wang says:

      Indeed. But be prepared before you start your adventure – It is different from what you have ever seen, and the game is unable to suspend.
      I suggest you to, if you are not doing that, switch your life to English version as much as possible, which means read, listen to, speak English as much as you can, just like I did long ago. It is helpful to get you prepared for the different language environment.
      I wish you success! Good luck!

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