Security Advisor: Received “This account was recently hacked!” Mail?


It seems my working email was hacked.

The story begins with an unexpected email, send to my working email inbox FROM my working email.

The detail of the email

In the email, the writer says: “I have started special program to the adult videos(porn) websites…… during you enjoy these great vids your computer was controlled by me” and he was running keylogger(a kind of virus which records the input of keyboard) on my computer.

It is said I’ve got an interesting taste. What could it be? I think my taste is fairly hardcore and couldn’t be interesting to others.
And my camera is being hacked? Unfortunately, my webcam can’t be working without lighting up the red-LED.

He (or she? They? Xe? It? I have no idea!) demands me to send him BTC worths 1000 USD. Well, BTC is still dropping, why are you still asking for BTC instead of some other cryptocurrencies? Can’t read your mind, can I?

The content of the mail, it is an image instead of raw text.

*Hey dude you even have grammar mistakes!

The first part could be right, I enjoyed porn vids a lot on some websites.
(Hey! Don’t judge me! I am just an undergraduate student! Bachelor, you know!)
Sometimes I may register their accounts to get more beneficiaries. I register those seem extremely unreliable websites with some of my alter accounts. But I am not that lustful to use my working email to register for porn.

And MOST importantly, he could never, never hack my working email: This address is just a forwarding address. Any mail sent to this address would be forwarded to my personal inbox by the server, automatically. But it is not allowed to log into this account, nor send mail from this account. There’s no such choice.

So it must be a scam. It turns out the hacker sends me the mail by faking my address. Who knows where did this guy get my address? Maybe he just uses the spider to collect the email address exposed on the internet. And my working email is published on my company’s website.

The mail is not from an authenticated server

You may also get some mail like this. Don’t trust them unless they can show evidence that they have something of you that others don’t know.
Even if they really hacked into your account, giving money to them can only increase your loss. They will maximize the profit instead of stopping when it is just right.

Be mindful to secure your password, use different passwords for different websites, don’t input anything to an untrustable website. And don’t submit your email and password to your favorite free porn video website. Ask an expert when getting blackmail. Also, ask an expert when seeking for safe porn vids.

Have fun and good luck!

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  1. Amarth

    A fine suggestion: send the scammer an email saying “I will send you BTC, unfortunately, my wallet is currently on hold and need a transaction larger than 2BTC to remove the hold, could you plz transfer 2 BTC to my account?”

    1. Can’t. The sender used my address. And the original address is obvious auto-generated.