PlaySync: Cross-platform music playlist transfer

Building a cross-platform Playlist Synchronization Toolset

Programming LanguagePython 3.8
Latest Version v0.4.71
Topics playlists, spotify, youtube-music, playlist-transfer
Description PlaySync, as proposed, is a software tool to migrate/synchronize playlists across multiple music streaming platforms. These platforms currently include Spotify and YouTube Music (Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon Music, Beatport, LastFM, etc. to be implemented). The tool will prompt users to log in to their respective platform accounts and specify which platform they wish to migrate from and which to migrate to. It will then ask the user to specify which playlists they wish to migrate. It will also allow users to view the contents of each playlist before transferring.
Introduction The software will allow users to sync their playlists across platforms. Other features (that are not yet implemented) include the option to do one-time sync or have their playlists sync automatically during a given time interval whenever changes to their playlist are made, as well as the option to share playlists with other users.
Project Specs

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