Getting in touch

If you would like to get a timely response, please consider getting in touch during my Active Hour (Currently Mon-Sat, 8 AM-9 PM Pacific Time)

To get in touch with me you can choose from one of the methods listed below:



Expected response in 1 hour during Active Hour


[email protected] (Permanent email address for all-purpose)

[email protected] (Same as the above)

[email protected] (Academic purpose)

[email protected] (Deprecated)

Expected responding time:
– Within 4 hours during Active Hour


For personal security reason, phone/postal access are no longer available to the general public. Before written permission is given, you should not call/mail.

  • Unexpected phone calls are rejected or put on hold as a defense against voice fingerprinting attacks.
  • Unrecognized letters/packages are directly discarded sealed as a defense against postal-based attacks, including but not limited to hazardous materials, tech-blackmails, etc.