OK. Get a rare break from TOEFL. The test I had just taken taught me a lesson that I shall never get nervous in test lol. There’s little hope for me to reach 100 this time but if not so, I will go for my 2nd TOEFL test in the coming few months of 2017. My goal is to get 100+ Score in TOEFL in 2017.

So, As the result of I don’t want to talk too much,  this tutorial will be extremely short. The advantages of ChaCha20 can be easily found through Google, please help yourself if you need it. Be sure to make the necessary changes if you are not using CentOS!

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In China, it is only 1 day left before the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party. Lol. To be honest it is the first time that the Communists make such a big noise just for their congress. =(.

I still remember when the 1st Congress was held, they secretly and quietly held the meeting in a lecture hall, hoping that nobody would know.

But today, look at them! Nearly a century later, they are acting proudly as if fearing that nobody would know they are about to have a meeting!

But at the same time, they still fear that someone will come to sabotage. They raised the security level everywhere over and over again, interrupt the express deliveries, cut down the internet communications, and even mute anyone who dares to criticize. It’s hilarious that a post from National Weather Service, a Typhoon Yellow Warning, was deleted due to it is related to the word “Yellow”, which also means “Pornographic” in Mandarin. (Later they deleted the complaint from National Weather Service that their weather warning was deleted by mistake.) In this special period, they are releasing a signal that “No one makes trouble!”.

I guess it is another form of “the government fears the people”? I used to believe that the Communist Party do not fear their people, but I was wrong: they finally noticed that no one is THEIR PEOPLE. More and more people would rather not to believe the Communist Party nowadays.

But, as the Iron Curtain was formed, will it be possible to break it? Nowhere to get the answer. Maybe the Mao II is coming.

Yes, I QUITTED (Actually it is a PAUSE but do you guys expect me to continue it? ) from my UNIVERSITY, Dalian Maritime University. But, why? Why I just gave up the most valued thing for the normal Chinese senior high school students, the thing they have fought for (at least) 12 years,  making myself become the unordinary one, choose the way of learning TOEFL and then studying abroad?

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The society is rapidly developing and we may be required to migrate our AppleID location. Due to personal reasons, sometimes we are not able to get a payment method in the target country/region so we do not meet the requirement of Apple. (Apple requires anyone who applies for a migration provide an available payment method, such as Credit Card/ Debt Card in the new region/country.)

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风波已过去 本文已停止更新。向所有奋斗在抗击网络恐怖主义的前线的英雄们致以最高的敬意。





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