Greetings. I am a Computer Engineer and a Censorship Researcher. I go by the name Gaukas Wang
I work as a full-time Software Engineer in the Telecommunication industry. Besides, I am also a Researcher at the University of Colorado Boulder. Learn more about Gaukas
Thank you for being here. Hope you enjoy your stay.

Recent Projects


In the name of the ancient Greek goddess of justice, we present Themis, the User Authentication Library by Tunnel.Work.


In the name of the ancient Greek god of silence and secrets, we present Harpocrates, the generic Security Utility by Tunnel.Work.


In the name of the legendary Greek king from Ithaca, we present Ulysses, the Tunneling Service provisioning system by Tunnel.Work.


This time, set our own spear against our own shield: SuperLeakage is being built as an over-powerful toolset for website visitor tracking/fingerprinting. 


A pluggable transport implemented with WebRTC data channels, written in Go. Providing a DataChannel struct and a net.Conn compliant wrapper. Implemented based on pion/webrtc.


Generate full-length SDP offers/answers from a shared-secret seed with minimal signaling process required, written in Go. Perfectly compatible with pion/webrtc WebRTC API.

Uncensored Internet Access is a basic human right, and the Freedom granted by censorship circumvention will not be real freedom.
Gaukas Wang
Computer Engineer, Censorship Researcher