This page lists some of my academic/personal projects that I am actively working on, have worked on, will be working on, and have completed.



An attempt on simplifying the Session Description Protocol (SDP) message generated by WebRTC, in order to minimize the data that needs to be exchanged between peers that are establishing WebRTC PeerConnections/DataChannels.

seed2sdp enables a seed-string based WebRTC connection establishment. Eliminating the bidirectional signalling process which was once required.

View on GitHub: seed2sdp (MIT License)


A pluggable transport implemented with WebRTC data channels.

transportc creates WebRTConn structs which interfaces net.Conn to provide better programmability for easier integration of WebRTC DataChannels.

View on GitHub: transportc (MIT License)


A fork of WebAuthn (FIDO2) server library from duo-labs/webauthn with improved programmability.

View on GitHub: webauthn (BSD-3-Clause License)


(to be added)



A fork of astrofrog/psrecord with I/O stats.

View on GitHub: psrecord_io (BSD-2-Clause License)