Gaukas Wang, a.k.a Yiyan Wang, is an experienced Computer Engineer in the field of Censorship Circumvention, Network, Privacy, and Security.

Wang came to the US from CHN in 2018. CHNGOV’s suppression against freedom of expression, diversity and human rights has forged Wang into a warrior against CHN GOV. You can see that from his self-created motto, “With only circumventions you will never be granted the real freedom“, which effectively encourages a fierce revenge against the dictatorships.

During his undergraduate study, he worked as a teaching assistant, research assistant, as well as a student researcher in the Computer Systems Lab @ University of Colorado Boulder and made independent contribution to multiple research projects he worked on.

After Wang graduated with a B.Sc. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, he had been working as a Software Engineer for one of the top telecommunication companies in the US. In addition to the full-time employment in the industry, Wang held a concurrent appointment at his university as a Temporary Researcher as well. The researcher position allowed him to carry-on his research during his undergraduate education with quite generous compensations.

Wang joined CU Boulder for his Ph.D. to continue his research career in the field of Cybersecurity, starting the August of 2022.

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