Me, but younger and happier.

My name is Yiyan Wang and I go by Gaukas or Gaukas Wang. I position myself as a Computer Engineer, even though people see me as Computer Scientists/Software Engineer/Electrical Engineer, etc. Currently, I live in Boulder, Colorado, USA. But I do want to move to somewhere with better weather.

I love tech, I love music, I love science.

I am fairly experienced in Censorship, Cloud computing, DevOps, Cybersecurity, Software Engineering(and its philosophy), and Researching(scientifically).

My research interests span both fields in Software and Hardware:

  • Software: Algorithmic Optimization, Censorship Circumvention, Consensus Protocol, Mathematical proof, Security (esp. Zero Trust Network/System), Privacy.
  • Hardware: Computer Architecture, VLSI, Hardware Acceleration, Hardware Security Assurance.

You may check out my GitHub page: @Gaukas for my recent work. I refuse to program in Java. Others are open to negotiation.

My latest CV and Resume are available for viewing.

Please check out my Keybase for my PGP public key: (or not)

Need my contact info? Help yourself: